The Mutiny

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The Mutiny

The Mutiny' is a truly unique listening experience. Lose yourself in Sunday Driver's entrancing melodies and exceptional musicianship. Combining a love of everything from Tool & Ravi Shankar to The Sound of Music - world music, Asian tradition, Steampunk, and western rock and pop - the band has developed a sound that is completely their own.

* Funded by Escalator, the UK Arts Council and Sunday Driver's own label Bakul Bagan Records

* Sold over 600 CD units and 750 digital first 6 months of release

* Independent release through Bakul Bagan Records & Artists Without a Label (AWAL).

* Between Febuaray and April 2012 Sunday Driver smashed their target in a Pledgemusic campaign to make further content, including remixes, video and The Christmas Goose festive single.

' (Sunday Driver) are working out their own brand of fusion the guitar, tabla, harp, clarinet and sitar all jostle for attention against a backdrop of ornate, Sgt Pepperish Victoriana. The songs manage to be both literate and tuneful...A band to watch, without question'
The Sunday Times Culture

'mixes Blake and Blue Peter' ★ ★ ★ ★
The Financial Times

'Sunday Driver are a welcome breath of fresh air in a music scene that has been a little adrift in places over the last few years. Drift no longer, you've found your shaker makers.'
The New Lo Fi

'The Mutiny is as beautiful and dangerous as a Bengal tiger caught by the album that can work on so many levels because there are so many aspects to it'

Pressing Information

(2011) 1,000 CDs (Replication)

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